Your 1st visit

Preparing for Your 1st Visit:

Before your visit, you should prepare the following information and items:

  1. Your insurance card and identification including your social security number.
  2.  Your personal health information including dates when events occurred and any allergies you may have to medications.
  3. Family health history information listing significant conditions that affected family members directly related to you.
  4. A list of medications including the name, dosage and how often you take those (or bring along empty bottles with the labels still intact).
  5. Previous tests and medical reports, if you have them for your 1st Visit.

Your 1st visit  normally consists of three parts:

 Your medical history (ask questions about your life, complications, and previoustreatment plan) will be taken; During the assessment, you may be asked about things that you might not think are related to your chief complaint,such as eating habits,emotions,sleeping patterns and so on. In TCM, the whole body will be considered, not just one isolated symptom. When put together, the myriad of symptoms and signs you are experiencing will reveal special patterns of disharmony between states of yin and yang. This processing will develop the most appropriate course of treatment individually for your needs.

You will receive a complete acupuncture physical examination that is non-invasive and vary from the western model.  Attention is paid to your face, body, and your tongue, particularly its color and coating.  The sound of your voice and breath are also listened and your pulse properties will be taken by placing three fingers in the groove in your wrist as well.

Acupuncture treatment; using all of the information, doctor will then determine the cause of your symptoms. Needles will be inserted into specific acupuncture points on the body. The acupuncturist may use moxa or electrical stimulation to enhance acupuncture’s therapeutic effects. The number of treatment sessions depends on the seriousness of your condition. A typical course of acupuncture treatment is 10 sessions, although significant improvements can occur after just a couple of visits.

Your first visit, including the intake and treatment, may take up to two hours, depending on your condition. Typical follow-up treatments last approximately 40-60 minutes.

Kindly remind:

Eat a light meal 2 hours prior to your visit.

Acupuncture is not performed on individuals who are fasting. Being over-hungry will increase the risk of nausea or dizziness. At the same time, please do not overeat or eat any foods that cause your stomach to be upset (for example, rich, greasy, fried, or extremely spicy foods).

Avoid alcohol on the day of your treatment.

Acupuncture is not performed on intoxicated individuals due to the increased risk of shock. It is also not advisable to become intoxicated shortly after treatment.

Avoid heavy exertion (including sexual activity) immediately before and after treatment (i.e. within 2 hours).

Set aside enough time so that you are not rushing to and from your visit. Physical strain immediately before or after acupuncture can weaken your body.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that can be rolled up to your elbows or knees.

Please schedule your activities on the day of your visit accordingly (for example, do not schedule your appointment for an hour before your 2 hour boxing class).

Be confident!

Dr.Wang has solid educational background and rich experience in acupuncture and Chinese herbs clinic. She has been practicing in both China and U.S.A. for about 30 years. She has tremendous compassion for her patients. She will try her best to help every patient relieve their suffering and regain their wellbeing and vitality!