What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture was developed by the Chinese and has been in use for more than 3000 years winch is a main branch of an ancient form of healthcare called Traditional Chinese Medicine. The practice is part of a larger integrated system, the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system. Simply put, acupuncture is performed by stimulating designated points on the body—through the insertion of needles, finger pressure, the application of heat, or a combination of all these treatments to manipulate the balance of network of energy (called chi or qi) that flows through the body and connects acupuncture points through different channels (called meridians). These channels are related to specific internal functions, and any imbalance in the flow of energy will cause a disease process. Therefore, the purpose of acupuncture assessments is to detect energy imbalance. Acupuncture assessments are made according to diagnostic categories of energy (qi) flow, as measured by a complete medical history—examination of pulse, tongue, and other organs, as well as other observations. Any imbalance of energy detected through these comprehensive assessments is then corrected by application of acupuncture at carefully selected points. This restores the human body to normal health.

Who should choose acupuncture?

Patients who seek acupuncture are mainly those who suffer from long-standing chronic problems such as pains (Back and neck pain, headaches and migraines, arthritis), sub-health conditions (fatigue, weakened immune system), Middle aged- health issues (anxiety,depression,sleeping disorders, memory problems) and functional disorders (irritable bowel syndrome, functional bowel symptoms, chronic fatigue syndrome, neuraesthaenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, non-cardiac chest pain,functional dystonia, non-organic movement disorders and pains). In fact, most of patients who suffer from those disorders or conditions, many seeking the conventional health care system with skepticism and wonder why they could not be helped. Eventually, they turn to acupuncture to find relief from pain and other troublesome symptoms.These problems strike women more than men, which could certainly explain why currently more women are using acupuncture than men.

Conventional healthcare providers are beginning to view acupuncture as an effective complementary modality to conventional care, and its use is being recommended more and more. Acupuncture is also gaining a reputation for efficacy,and as an attractive drug- and surgery-free option for many patients. An extensive review of studies has shown that acupuncture is effective for the following conditions:

---Pain anywhere in the body including Headache and migraines, neck and low back pain,arthritis, myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome and other pains of injury or neuropathy related. All of which respond favorably to acupuncture treatment.
---Psychological related conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia.
---Nausea associated with chemotherapy.
---Gynecological Issues such as PMS, pregnancy related concerns, infertility, menstrual cramps and menstrual irregularities, menopausal syndrome.
---Asthma and/or Allergy issues, Sinusitis.
---Some other applicable conditions such as High Blood Pressure,Hormonal imbalances,Immune Dysfunction,Thyroid Imbalances,restoration of function.

What To expect from Acupuncture visits?

During your first office visit, the practitioner may ask you about your health condition, lifestyle, and behavior. The practitioner will want to obtain a complete picture of your treatment needs and behaviors that may contribute to your condition. Inform the acupuncturist about all treatments or medications you are taking and all medical conditions you have.

Acupuncture needles are metallic, solid, and hair-thin. People experience acupuncture differently, but most feel no or minimal pinch pain as the needles are inserted. Some people feel energized by treatment, while others feel relaxed. Movement of the patient or hypersensitive can cause soreness and pain during treatment.

The result of acupuncture treatment depend on variety of factors such as TCM diagnosis of your condition, points pickup and combination ,method of needle application and so on.That is why it is important to seek treatment from a qualified acupuncture practitioner.

Acupuncture treatment has accumulative effects.The teatment plan is individualized based on your condition. Some patients respond very quickly and will note an immediate relief of symptoms after the first treatment, while most will notice a gradual improvement of symptoms over the course of treatments. In general, acute disorders require fewer treatments while chronic conditions call for longer care. if this is the case, your Treatment may take place over a period of several weeks or more depend on your condition.

Why should I choose to see Dr. Wang?

Dr.Wang is a trained and experienced acupuncturist who had her doctoral training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China. She obtained her Master's program training in Western medicine at Southern Medical University, and post-doctoral training at the Center for Integrative Medicine, School of Medicine,University of Maryland. Dr. Wang has extensive experience from 30 years clinical training and practice. Patient satisfaction is our utmost priority and our result speak for itself. Please see "testimonial" page for samples of what past patients say about their experiences. Our offices are conveniently located close to major highway/roads and public transit and are located within professional medical buildings.

If you are looking for a seasoned acupuncturist with years of experience in both oriental and western medicine, one that is both caring and dedicated to deliver excellent treatment outcomes, Dr. Wang would be the obvious choice.

Where are your offices and are they reachable by public transit?

We have two offices in the NYC-Long island area. Our long island office is located at 2280 Grand Ave., Ste 203. Baldwin, NY 11510. It is just off Sunrise highway and within walking distance from the LIRR- Baldwin station. Our Manhattan office is located at 825  7th Ave. Low Level. New York City, NY  10019, in the heart of midtown Manhattan and within walking distance to multiple subway stations( 47-50st Rockefeller Ctr., 49 St., 50 St., 57 St., 57St.-7Ave).



Are your clinics walk-in or by appointment?

Our offices do not accept walk-in patients at this time. All patients must schedule appointment by contacting the phone number corresponding to the office they wish to visit. First visit/consultation is FREE. Please see "Your 1st visit" section for more detail.

Do you accept insurances and can I pay by credit cards?

We accept cash, credit cards and checks. We also accept most of the major insurances. Please see "Insurances/Payment" page for a list of accepted insurances.